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Who is going to Talend Connect Europe, October 17?

Hi guys,


I'm going to be heading over to Paris for Talend Connect and it dawned on me that it could be a good opportunity to meet some of you guys face to face. Last year's event was a good opportunity to mingle with other Talend developers, but I think this year's event may be even better. I'm deciding on when to head over and when to fly back at the moment. Last year I arrived at midnight the night before and left immediately after. This felt a little rushed. So if anyone is contemplating arriving a little earlier the day before and fancies a pre-Connect meet up, let me know. Alternatively, if you are staying on afterwards and think that might be a better opportunity to grab a beer, speak now or forever hold your peace :-)


I look forward to meeting up with a few of you guys 

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Re: Who is going to Talend Connect Europe, October 17?

For those of you who have seen our Craft Beer and Data Series@mbalkenende and I will be there recording a couple episodes live with opportunities for our community to join us! If you're not interested in being on the show, at a minimum we've got free beer, so be sure to find us. I might even have some community swag to hand out