We are all developers here.....aren't we?!?

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We are all developers here.....aren't we?!?

....the reason I ask is that I am noticing a distinct lack of a developer attitude to solving problems. Maybe this is because I am from a different era of developers who learnt by trying things out. I don't know. But please keep these points in mind when asking questions.....

1) The people answering questions have their own work to do as well. If your question has been answered, don't just ask another one of the same thread. Accept the solution and if necessary, raise another topic. 

2) Don't try and get someone to do your work for you. First of all, you will never learn anything. Secondly, it can be quite frustrating trying to solve a problem that you are fed bits and pieces of.
3) Give as much info as you can. "It doesn't work" when someone has given you an suggestion is really frustrating. We need to know why so that we can offer a correction.

4) Try to solve it yourself by Googling. Some things are really tricky to resolve, I get that. But if you are trying to create an encryption algorithm using Java, the question has probably been answered 100 times on other Java specific forums. Chances are the person answering your question will just be Googling it for you. 

This link (while somewhat flippant and not meant to be insulting) should help when deciding how to approach getting the answer to a question....


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Re: We are all developers here.....aren't we?!?

+ stop start from writing personal emails before search forum at least!!!


Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 1.23.58 AM.png


5) if You provide examples of data (or code) - please would be sure it is correct data and code, and it could be opened without editing wrong format


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Re: We are all developers here.....aren't we?!?

+ as a new functionality I suggest to add the possibility to blacklist or downgrade people not respecting basic rules



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