Unable to connect to Talend Exchange

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Unable to connect to Talend Exchange


I am not able to connect to Talend Forge, through Talend Studio.

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Machine A : Windows 7 Pro / 64 bits 

Java :  jre1.8.0_121

Talend : 6.4.1



The problem still occurs on another machine (B)

Windows 7 Pro

Java 1.8.0_161

Talend 7.0.1



With another version (Machine A : Talend TOS 5.1.2 / Java 1.6.0_23/ Windows 7 64 bits), it is possible to connect to Talend Forge.


Could you please help me?


Thanks in advance,






Re: Unable to connect to Talend Exchange


Did you get "Unable to authenticate your user. Please contact support." from your side? The "Connect to Existing Account" button doesn't work well for you?

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