Talend Open Studio's 5.6.3 release is available


Talend Open Studio's 5.6.3 release is available

Dear Community,

We are very pleased to announce that Talend Open Studio's 5.6.3 release is available. This general availability release for all users contains many new features and bug fixes.

Download Talend Open Studio for [Data Integration | Big Data | Data Quality | MDM | ESB]'s general availability release:

Data Integration: http://www.talend.com/download/data-integration?utm_medium=talendforge&utm_source=talendforgeforum&u...
Big Data: http://www.talend.com/download/big-data?utm_medium=talendforge&utm_source=talendforgeforum&utm_campa...
Data Quality: http://www.talend.com/download/data-quality?utm_medium=talendforge&utm_source=talendforgeforum&utm_c...
MDM: http://www.talend.com/download/mdm?utm_medium=talendforge&utm_source=talendforgeforum&utm_campaign=t...
ESB: http://www.talend.com/download/esb?utm_medium=talendforge&utm_source=talendforgeforum&utm_campaign=t...

You can also view Release Notes for this 5.6.3 version, detailing new features, through this link: http://www.talend.com/download/talend-open-studio
Find the latest release notes, with these steps: [Data Integration | Big Data | Data Quality | MDM | ESB] product tab > at bottom of page under "User Manuals PDF" > find this version's release notes.

For more information on fixed bugs and new features, go to the TalendForge Bugtracker.

Thanks for being a part of our community,
The Talend Team.
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Re: Talend Open Studio's 5.6.3 release is available

How Talend could released 5.6.3?, if 6.1.1 is already available.

Re: Talend Open Studio's 5.6.3 release is available

Hi talend.kiran,

This 5.6.3 release is more of a maintenance release for customers and users that are currently working on our version 5 product so they can update their version to our latest stable version 5 product.
Version 6.1.1 has all the newest features and is our most up-to-date release.

Hope this helps understand this release! And thanks for asking.


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