'Talend Data Preparation with Big Data' Training Course

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'Talend Data Preparation with Big Data' Training Course

Hi Team,


i am interested to do certification "Talend BigData". Can you guide me what is the procedure and how can I access study material for same . If I will register for certification whether I will get access for Big Data Tutorial ?






Re: 'Talend Data Preparation with Big Data' Training Course


Please refer to this page about:https://www.talend.com/services/training/certification/?_ga=2.172029219.101939358.1557713976-4606443...

Talend offers free online tutorials to get you started with common tasks.

You can contact trainingadministration@talend.com for additional guidance or to arrange an instructor-led class.

Once you purchase an Exam, access to the Exam is valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Any Exam not taken prior to the end of this period will expire, and no refund will be provided for expired Exams.

Let us know if it is OK with you.

Best regards


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