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New support portal

Hello All 

We are glad to announce that Talend has put in place a new ticket management system to replace the previous support platform. We would like to assure you that this new customer portal is easier to use and provides more features so as to streamline your support experience with us.  Some of the benefits include:

• The ability to save details about your production and test environments and share them with Talend support experts
• Options for updating and storing your preferred language, time zone, and contact information for expedited ticket resolution
• Improved SLA tracking to ensure faster ticket responses

This customer portal is the first step in building a new Talend community that makes it easier for you to get the answers and assistance you need. As part of our commitment to building a better experience, we will be releasing new features and functionality throughout 2016. Please click here for instructions on accessing the new support portal.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will I need to create a new account? 
A. If you have an existing account for the Talend support portal, your credentials will automatically be migrated. New or expired users will be required to re-register.
Q. Will I still have access to my existing cases? 
A. All open or closed cases from January 2014 to present will be migrated to the new system.

Q. How will I register new users for the Talend support portal? 
A. An email has been sent to existing customers providing instructions on how to register additional users.

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Re: New support portal

After login I see a mostly empty screen and it looks like I need an app. What app do I need to have access to the support functionality?

Re: New support portal

Hi jlolling,
If you are able to login successfully but receive a message saying that there are no apps, please contact for assistance. It is most likely a system issue and nothing you need to configure on your end.



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