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[Getting Started] Tag? Label? What's the difference?

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[Getting Started] Tag? Label? What's the difference?

Labels: keywords predefined by the Talend team to classify topics in categories according to the official Talend taxonomy.  At topic creation time, the original authors are required to pick at least one label within the list to classify their topic or KB article. Note, users can't create their own label. Labels can be used to retrieve all topics and threads related to the labels they are associated with.


Community users can subscribe to labels to receive regular updates regarding all topics related to each label. Note that labels are specific to each board. Users can subscribe to boards and labels. For example, users interested in Big Data topics only, should subscribe to the Big Data label. Instead, users interested in all installation topics (whether for Data Integration or Big Data or else), should subscribe to the Installation and Upgrade board.


Tag: keyword created by Community users to describe the topic, theme, or subject of a post. You can add as many tags as you want and so can other community members. Be sure to use commas between tags. Tags can NOT be subscribed to, however, you can find the top tags on the home page, click the tag to open the list of related topics.


Tags come as a complement to labels. Regularly, the most used tags will be considered for addition to the taxonomy, and may be promoted as label so that users can subscribe to them. Users can retrieve the tags they used, by browsing their profile.





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