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FREE Resources You Can Use

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FREE Resources You Can Use


We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. 


We'd like to remind you of all the FREE resources that are available to you and are extremely relevant in today's climate.


Networking ... for job seekers and hiring managers

If your company is hiring, we would be eternally grateful if you could post on our "Job Board," as well as the discussion boards of the local Talend user groups. A full list of user groups around the world is available on


User Groups are going virtual 

We have a number of virtual meetups on April 21st and 23rd in US cities in North America and many more in Europe and Asia Pacific. You'll be able to virtually meet your peers, as well as your local Talend team. Please make sure to join! You can search virtual meetups at


🎓 Free Talend Real-Time Big Data for researchers and university professors

Are you a researcher or an academic who is interested in using free Real-Time Big Data tools? Join the Talend University Alliance! Researchers are also eligible.


Data Science, Demographic Data, and Health Care Technical Resources


💎 [community driven] How Talend is joining the fight against COVID-19: unlocking the best data for health researchers


Be a better Data Scientist with Talend

Learn how Data Scientists can leverage Talend platform capabilities to make their day to day jobs easier, starting with Data Integration, followed by Data Preparation, and concluding with Machine Learning operationalization using Talend Big Data Platform.


Creating sample demographic data and using it for testing

Learn to use Talend to create random demographic data, and use that data to test and tune data matching processes.


Predicting patient’s clinical outcomes using Talend machine learning components

A previous webinar showed how to build predictive models for healthcare using Talend’s machine learning components. In this session, you will see results from those Jobs run on real medical data, and see how the models predict the likely clinical outcome for any patient.


Creating Machine Learning Jobs Using Anonymised Real Clinical Data

Learn to build machine learning Jobs to do predictive analytics on real medical data, including building a model, tuning and testing it, and using it to make predictions.


Natural Language Processing in Healthcare

Discover Natural Language Processing (NLP) and how to use Talend's NLP components. This session includes a use case of how NLP is transforming the healthcare industry.

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6 Ways to Start Utilizing Machine Learning with Amazon We Services and Talend

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