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DI Certification


I'm new developper in talend and i want to prepare a  certificat  as developper talend, can you tel me where I can Can fin the documenttion for two topics :

Talend Data Integration v6 Certified Developer Exam DI Basics
DI Advanced

thank you

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Re: DI Certification


Could you please contact to get the help you need from our global network of experts?

For more information, please refer to page:

Best regards


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Re: DI Certification

At the Talend certification site, if you click on each exam, you see more details about recommended preparation. Taking the suggested courses is always a good idea.

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Re: DI Certification

Hello Sabrina, Thanks very much for your information. I went to the certification page and clicked the DI 6.0 certification exam on 2.6.2017, it showed me the steps of paying it by my credit card for 100e. After I input my card details. It send me a email with a "sales order_SO-110300129325" pdf file.


The email I quote here:


Dear C1219073 xxxxxxxx : Susanna Fan

Thank you for your purchase of Talend training!
Your invoice is attached.
Please note that your access codes will be issued within two days of your funds clearing.
If you have questions, please direct them to
The Talend Billing Department


However it tills now no code or exam link sent to my email box! Is this a bug of the page Is my payment went through?


 My work schedule is very busy normally and it is quite possible that the work schedule is too busy to carry on for the Talend Certification exam after this time slot. Not knowing if I should pay it once again as the sales order S0-110300129325 PDF file listed payee account number. 


Could you or any one enlighten me about what I should do? P.S. I did send questions to So far it has been no response ...Smiley Sad


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Re: DI Certification

Hi Susanna, I've referred your issue to our training administration team at One of them will reach out to you directly with information about your order.


Typically customers receive access codes within a few hours but no more than a couple days. 


One idea: is it possible your email filters are blocking Could you add that address to your safe senders list?

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Re: DI Certification

Dear Cka_taland. Thanks very much for the fast response! I finally found this place like a home!

My work email is fine. I can receive your response email from this community.


It is possible that something went wrong that my payment did not go through. I just wanted to get a confirmation if

a) my payment went through or not

b) if not, can I make another bank transfer to the invoice listed account number, the reference number. 100e  will do?


Thank you.


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Re: DI Certification

Hi Susanna, our admins confirmed to me separately that your order is ready for fulfillment. You should have your certification exam access codes very soon.

Good luck with your exam!