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Can I comment on or answer a post using email?

I want to be notified if someone answers a post - can I be notified by email, in case I don't log into the Community every day?


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Re: Can I comment on or answer a post using email?

Yes! You are automatically subscribed to any topic or article you create.


In addition, if you want to be notified when someone responds to an existing article or post, use the "Subscribe" feature. Within the article of interest, use the Options drop-down, and select Subscribe.




You will receive an email notification when anyone edits, replies, or comments on that article. The email goes to the address in your profile. When you receive it, you can click Reply in the body of the email.  Your response will appear in the Community, in the thread of responses.


Important: Remove your email signature from your reply. If you leave it, your personal contact information is posted in the Community.