Announcing Talend Winter '17 / 6.3 General Availability

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Announcing Talend Winter '17 / 6.3 General Availability

Talend Community Members,

We are very pleased to announce Talend Winter '17 / 6.3 General Availability for Talend products!
This release brings some key features to Talend's Data Fabric platform including Data Preparation capabilities for big data, a new data stewardship application and new support for Apache Spark 2.0. A detailed list can be found here.
>> Be sure to join our webinar where we will go in-depth on new features and updates to Talend Winter '17.

Below please find the most important new features by product:

Talend Integration Cloud


  • Create and manage role-specific configuration and security policies across the software development lifecycle (SDLC)


  • Parallel process large data sets with AWS S3 multi-part support


  • Start/Stop/Monitor a flow using external schedulers (through Talend Integration Cloud's public API)


  • Support for Amazon SQS improves your messaging options


  • Support for AWS IAM cross-account roles or instance roles improves IT governance


  • Updated support for Salesforce and Salesforce Wave

Talend Big Data

  • Spark 2.0 support, including SparkSQL which runs on data in motion and data at rest


  • New components for MapR-DB and MapR-Streams expand your integration options


  • Integration with Apache Atlas so you can improve data governance of the Hadoop cluster and provide complete data lineage information


  • Joblets in Spark batch and Spark streaming to improve project reusability


  • HDFS Transparent Encryption to improve big data security


  • Updates to the following big data distributions:


  • Cloudera CDH 5.8


  • Hortonworks HDP 2.5


  • MapR 5.2


  • Amazon EMR 5.0

Talend Data Integration

  • Smart tMap component with Auto Type Convert and Type Convert by Convention simplifies mapping fields


  • Improved TAC security to manage users, groups, roles, permissions and password policies by SSO / SAML (Active Directory, SiteMinder, OKTA, Google)

Talend MDM

  • E/R diagram editor improvements


  • Impact Analysis improvements


  • Mass update from the web UI


  • Bonita upgrade, with new UI form designer

Our Talend 6.3 free products are available. Download Talend Open Studio for [Data Integration | Big Data | Data Quality | MDM | ESB] here:





Thanks for being a part of our community,
The Talend Team.

Community Manager

Re: Announcing Talend Winter '17 / 6.3 General Availability

Dear Community members,
My post went ahead of time, to the actual publishing on the website... The Talend free Open studios  as well as the product trial versions will be available in a short while, for download.
Bear with us, we're doing our best to shorten your waiting time. We'll post again when the download links will be functional!
I was probably too eager to leave on weekend! I hope you'll forgive me.  Smiley Happy
Many thanks for your understanding,

and the Talend team
Community Manager

Re: Announcing Talend Winter '17 / 6.3 General Availability

Dear Community members again,
There you go, the links for the free Studio versions are now available for download!
  • Data Integration: download!

  • Big Data: download!

  • Data Quality: download!

  • MDM: download!

  • ESB: download!

  • Enjoy!



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