Best Practices to follow when troubleshooting Job generation issues in Talend Administration Center


This article applies to users of Talend Studio and Talend Administration Center (TAC).


If you encounter an IllegalStateException issue with the BuildJob process in the Job Conductor or Big Data Streaming pages of the TAC, below are a number of troubleshooting best practices you can apply to avoid this.


Test 1

  1. In Talend Studio, run the Job to check if there are any compilation errors.

    If there are, it means there is an inherent issue with the Job itself that needs to be fixed.

Test 2

  1. In Talend Studio, use the Build Job option and check if it is able to successfully build as a Zip file.
    1. If you cannot build the Job, you need to thoroughly check where the build issue comes from. It could be Jar files being mismatched or it could be problematic code. This needs to be fixed.
    2. Once the generation is successful, try to import the archive into a new project repository to see if it can properly be imported.
    3. If you cannot import the Job archive, proceed to Test 3.

Test 3

  1. From Talend Studio, export the Job as a Zip file.
  2. Import the archive into a new project repository (it can be the same repository as the one used in Test 2).
  3. In the TAC, go to the Job conductor and create a new task.
  4. Generate the new task and check that the generation is successful.
  5. Proceed to Test 4.

Test 4

  1. If you were able to generate the task in the previous step, you can either:
    1. Keep the Job in the new project and continue to run it from there.
    2. Create a new Job within the repository of your choice, and either copy all of the components from the non-working Job into the new Job, or delete the old Job and reimport the Zip file back into the project.
    3. If you are still unable to generate, this issue may need assistance from Support. Please create a ticket.
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