A Job that can be viewed from Studio is not available from Talend Administration Center while creating a new task in job Conductor module


A Job is created by a user in Studio. However, when the user tries to create a new task using Job Conductor in TAC, the Job is not listed in the drop-down menu.



The TAC Job Conductor uses the SVN/GIT checked-out project artifacts available in the Talend_Install_Location\tac\apache-tomcat\temp directory. In this case, the project does not exist in the temp folder; it may have been deleted due to an unfortunate click.


In addition, this issue can also be observed if the TAC service is started by a user who is not the owner of the \apache-tomcat\temp directory.



To fix the issue, restart the TAC service using the owner of the \apache-tomcat\temp directory.


Note: When the restart of TAC is performed, the newly checked-out objects from SVN will be placed in the \apache-tomcat\temp directory.

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