Deploy and run a job using an external jar in Talend Administration Center


When you create a Talend DI job using an external jar in a routine, you need to put the external jar in Talend Studio libraries for your job to run properly.

If you want to generate, deploy, and run your job in Talend Administration Center, you also have to add this external jar to specific folders to avoid an exception.



You must add an external jar to a few folders for some specific jobs to run properly, as they are using routines in several components.

The following steps will help you to add this external jar.

  1. Copy the external jar into two commandline folders:

    • commandline installation directory/lib/Java/

    • commandline installation directory/commandline-workspace/.Javalibs/

  2. Restart Commandline.
  3. Generate, deploy, and run the job in Talend Administration Center.
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In Above i seen the TAC so what is meant by TAC? how to use the TAC?

if we are deploy our Talend job in QA environment or Production Environment means TAC is needed ? TAC is what type of one i mean this a Tool or server .


now i have installed the Talend studio if i want to install the TAC i dont know how to do?


so please Advice me 





Hello Manivel,

To understand more about our Talend Administration Center, please take a moment to review our TAC user guide.


Thank you