Maximize your team's productivity with Talend Academy

Whether your team members are technologists new to Talend products or are recognized Talend experts, Talend Academy offers the right tools to help them be successful. In this article, we guide you through a typical Talend Academy journey and show you how your team can get the most out of Talend Academy.


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Get started


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On your Talend Academy journey, your first decision will be to designate your power user for the organization. This role is strategic to the ramp-up of the team.


Your power user defines the ideal learning path for your team based on their projects or initiatives. To help the power user design the ideal fast-track ramp-up and build the list of recommended training, they can browse the full Talend Academy catalog, search by key words, or use Talend Academy recommended learning paths by role.


Various tools are available to help power users identify the training modules and learning plans the team should work through. To help power users come up-to-speed even faster, an orientation to Talend Academy is worthwhile. Orientations range from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the audience (power user, or power user and learners). Our Talend Academy Liaison or your sales rep will reach out to your power user to help them get started as part of your onboarding.


Once identified, the power user assigns the training modules and learning plans to the group, and determines the pace and deadline required by the current projects or initiatives. The power user then tracks the team’s progress from a dashboard or from various reports.


The power user becomes the primary Talend Academy contact and receives regular updates on material being added or updated on Talend Academy. They can also report back on missing content that is needed by their team to be successful.


The next step is to get your team to start learning on Talend Academy.





Reading Talend documentation and articles on the Community, or participating in work sessions with their peers, does not ensure that team members acquire the skills to efficiently contribute to a project.


Training modules and learning plans allow learners to study any topic, any time. Once they have access to the platform, learners can spin up Talend Academy-provided individual training environments with a single click. Training environments are preconfigured virtual machines, with an installation of Talend Data Fabric and all the files and third-party software required for hands-on practice. In addition to this environment, the learner has access to videos and slides to learn the concepts, and the exercise book offers all the explanations, screenshots, and detailed instructions to successfully complete the hands-on exercises. In this prebuilt training environment, learners can safely experiment with Talend products without the fear of breaking their team’s development or production environments.


As a complement to self-paced learning, Talend offers instructor-led courses. In these in-person or virtual sessions, a Talend expert instructor guides the team in their first steps using Talend products, sharing in-depth knowledge, best practices, and field experience. Designed around practical exercises, instructor-led courses are an opportunity for your team to talk to an experienced Talend implementation professional and get answers to all the questions they may have during the class.


After following the training modules and learning plans recommended by their power user, or after an instructor-led training, team members can learn more about different products and features as they have full access to the training catalog. They can also challenge their knowledge by completing a quiz. Upon successful completion of the quiz, they will be able to download an end of course certificate.


Now that they have acquired the fundamental skills for using Talend products successfully, it’s time to start building expertise.


Gain experience


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Once your team is comfortable with Talend products, they can take advantage of the business-oriented use cases available on Talend Academy. They guide learners through various use case scenarios and explain how to resolve them using Talend products with third-party software. Use cases are highly detailed, and most provide a virtual environment to experiment on the products. They also include files and Talend Jobs to replicate them in your own environment.


On the Talend Community, you and your team can learn from other experienced Talend users by being active on the forums or by reading Community Knowledge articles. This is a great complement to Talend Academy and the Talend Documentation as you take a deep dive into Talend products and features.


Another option is to enroll your team members in project simulations. In these six-week programs, the participants go through an implementation use case based on real-life scenarios. Guided by an instructor, they have access to a Talend Data Fabric virtual environment along with all necessary files and third-party software. They have to complete tasks on a weekly basis, and are evaluated at the end of the program by their instructor. By completing this program, they have proven their project readiness.


Coming Soon:

Project simulations focusing on Talend Data integration, Talend Big Data, and Talend Cloud


Validate expertise


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For successful implementation, make sure you have Talend experts on your team.


Throughout their Talend Academy journey to becoming Talend experts, your team will have various ways to be recognized for their expertise. Very soon, Talend will award badges to Talend Academy users as they complete various criteria that demonstrate their skills.


Talend Academy platform learning

On completion of several learning paths, learners will receive badges validating they have the first level of Talend Expertise on a specific product.


Project simulations

Completing project simulations is rewarded with the next level of badges. The successful participants are recognized by Talend as experienced users, able to implement a complex project end-to-end.


Coming Soon:

The Talend Badging program will begin soon, with badges awarded on completion of various courses, certification exams, and project simulations.


Certification exams

Talend offers certification exams that assess product usage knowledge and the underlying methods required to successfully implement quality projects. To be successful, we expect test takers to have approximately six months of hands-on experience with the product. Passing the exams earns learners the next level of Talend Expertise badges.


Read more on Talend exams on the certification page.


Coming Soon:



Talend Cloud Administration certification exam





Stay up-to-date on new features

Talend products constantly evolve to exceed their customers’ expectations. So, to get the most out of Talend products, your Talend experts must be knowledgeable on the latest features and products. For this purpose, short training modules on the latest new products and features can help your team maintain their level of knowledge and expertise of Talend products.



Examples of short training modules to learn more about Talend products:






Solution templates provide a best practices-based starting point

A team with a good level of expertise is effective and productive. To help them accelerate their project implementation work, Talend expert consultants and strategic architects are creating solution templates and implementation accelerators and are making them available on Talend Academy.


Solution templates are pre-packaged Talend artifacts that include reference Jobs or projects and instructions. Your team will be able to load Jobs in their Talend projects and customize them to their needs based on the instructions. This will save them a lot of time exploring and developing their own solution, and give you peace of mind that their starting point is a Talend recognized best practice.


Examples of solution templates:






Our implementation accelerators shorten your time to value on new Talend initiatives

Implementation accelerators include toolkits, frameworks, common services, or third-party integrations. They were developed based on field experience to address Talend customers’ implementation challenges. By leveraging them, your team benefits from Talend expertise and best practices, significantly accelerating projects implementation.


Coming soon, field tools focusing on:

  • Error handling and logging
  • Continuous testing
  • Matching framework


Why provide Talend Academy to your team?

Talend Academy is the key to a successful implementation and your software investment. After an initial phase of training, your team members will use Talend products more often, will leverage more features and use the product more independently.


They will also be fully capable of accelerating their project implementation by leveraging Talend Solution templates and field tools.


Along their journey, they will be awarded badges that prove their Talend expertise and celebrate their journey to being a recognized Talend expert.


Contact your Account Executive to get started on Talend Academy.

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