tHDFSInput Could not obtain block

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tHDFSInput Could not obtain block

Hi all,

I couldn't load the data from hdfs files in sandbox to the talend big data . The heading of the files are coming but the data is not listing in the output.


The error what i get is: Cannot obtain block length for LocatedBlock{BP-267552868-; getBlockSize()=0; corrupt=false; offset=0; locs=[DatanodeInfoWithStorage[,DS-9267f0a7-e4cf-40e2-b113-c12e16fc4aa7,DISK]]}

I use hortonworks 2.4 and talend BD 7.0.1  and i dont have problem with connectivity.



Re: tHDFSInput Could not obtain block



It looks like the 'File Name' component property in tHDFSInput, is configured with a corrupted file.

Could you verify by configuring another file?


You may also put a valid text or csv file using tHDFSPut and then try to debug this issue with tHDFSInput - by configuring your file.


Hope this helps.


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