VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR happen import to virtualbox

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VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR happen import to virtualbox

I'm trying to install Talend Big Data Sandbox. but I face VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004).
First, I get and setup Virtual Box.It works well.
Next, I download Talend Big Data Sandbox "Hortonworks on VirtualBox".
It takes 2~3 hour...;
then get ova file.
double click that file.
start Virtual Box and start to import that ova.
But, VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004) happen.
what should I do?
Is file broken?
Here is the Error Message.
Could not create the imported medium 'C:\Users\moke\VirtualBox VMs\Talend5.6.1_HDP2.2_Sandbox_Vbox\Talend5.6.1_HDP2.2_Sandbox_Vbox-disk1.vmdk'.
VMDK: Compressed image is corrupted 'C:\Users\moke\Talend5.6.1_HDP2.2_Sandbox_Vbox-disk1.vmdk' (VERR_ZIP_CORRUPTED).

????? : VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004)
???????: Appliance
????????: IAppliance {3059cf9e-25c7-4f0b-9fa5-3c42e441670b}

Re: VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR happen import to virtualbox

Please check the file size.  That particular file is 10GB.  Make sure you downloaded the complete file.  Sometimes if downloading behind a corporate firewall, there is a max file size limit.  Check with your IT team/helpdesk personnel to make sure you are able to download a file of this size.
Finally, I have found it much more reliable to actually start Virtual Box application then choose FILE > IMPORT APPLIANCE and navigate to the ova file for import rather than just double-clicking on the ova file.
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Re: VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR happen import to virtualbox

Thanks, in advance, for any info.

Very interesting thanks for sharing. :cool:

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