Unable to get globalvaraible value in tjava

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Unable to get globalvaraible value in tjava

Hi People,

I am newbie to talend...and was trying out to build a job....

My requirement is

tRowGenerator >>   Row1>>tSetGlobalVariable>>row2>>tJava

I have generated one random field called name using TalendData.getname() function. E.g (Aarya)


in tSetGlobalVariable

For Parameter "myKey"

Value " (String)globalMap.get(row1.name)"


In tjava



unfortunately I output as myKey and I expect Aarya.


Can some one explain what am I doing wrong?


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Re: Unable to get globalvaraible value in tjava



it looks like you do wrong, check for begin some information here - https://help.talend.com/reader/KxVIhxtXBBFymmkkWJ~O4Q/yjzLPbgCOJF~YJGNskhmMQ


you do not need to use (String)globalMap.get(row1.name) in tSetGlobalVar, but need when use it



for assign row1 to variables - check documentation about tFlowToIterate - it do this for you


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