Talend Big Data Sandbox HBASE

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Talend Big Data Sandbox HBASE

Hi I downloaded Talend for Bigdata sandbox for VMWARE with Hortonworks import.

I got weave scope docker installed for hadoop.

I can execute prebuilt sample hdfs jobs and see files moved to hdfs

I have below questions:

How to access hdfs files from shell command. (to use hdfs commands)

I am unable to execute  hbase job with the hbase metadata connection.


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Re: Talend Big Data Sandbox HBASE


I have the same problem, if you have got a solution please telle me what should doing to resolve this problem.


Best regards


Re: Talend Big Data Sandbox HBASE

Hello @hana027,


Thanks for trying our Sandbox!


As specified in the FAQ, HBase is not available by default in the Talend Big Data and Machine Learning Sandbox.


Thank you for your understanding,



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Re: Talend Big Data Sandbox HBASE

 hello @tgourdel

Ok, thank you for your response 




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