[RESOLUTION] Unable to download a distribution


[RESOLUTION] Unable to download a distribution

We have been made aware of an issue in certain sandboxes that is preventing users from installing a selected distribution.  If you have one of the affected sandboxes (identified below) please follow the steps outlined to correct the issue.  To know for sure if you have the issue, please refer to the attached screenshot.  You will notice a greater-than sign (>) at the top of the "Thank You" page after selecting a distribution.
PHP installation fails during initial configuration of the sandbox due to lost dependencies within the Ubuntu Operating System.  This prevents specific PHP code from being executed that begins the installation process of the selected distribution.
Sandboxes listed below that were started between Oct. 5, 2016 and Oct. 12, 2016 
Talend_6.2-BigData_Sandbox_2.1-vbox.ova (downloaded from Talend Website)
Talend_6.2-BigData_Sandbox_2.1-vmware.ova (downloaded from Talend Website)
Talend-BigData_Sandbox-5.2-USB-VMwareONLY.ova (Received from a USB drive)
To resolve the issue please follow the steps below.

Open a Terminal Window within the sandbox.
Enter these commands in order at the terminal prompt:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install php5 libapache2-mod-php5

When the install is complete, reboot the virtual machine.

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