MapR and Talend Sandbox on Linux - Unable to connect

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MapR and Talend Sandbox on Linux - Unable to connect

I am struggling to establish a working sandbox on Ubuntu (Sanbox Vmware Mapr - Linux). After the dialog "System is ready!" a web page "" throws the following error:

ResourceManager Web UI (port 8088) seems to be up and running:

Parent system has allocated 11GB of memory and 4CPU.
Sandbox versions:

Thank you

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Re: MapR and Talend Sandbox on Linux - Unable to connect

I am not exactly sure but I think that the missing administration consoles (MCS, Hue, Jobtrackers, etc..) were fixed by manually re-running the cluster configuration (. /opt/talend/Scripts/cluster.bash) and changing the docker mapr password. Because Talend did not provide password for the MapR docker container I had to change it by applying following  steps:
- Connecting to a MapR docker (docker attach seems to have some issues):
 docker exec -it containerId bash

- Changing password for user mapr:
 passwd mapr

Error about missing /usr/share/cracklib/pw_dict.pwd file can be solved by reinstalling cracklib-dicts:
 yum reinstall cracklib-dicts

Information about bringing up a cluster services can be found on this link.

Re: MapR and Talend Sandbox on Linux - Unable to connect

Hi,  Depending on when you started your sandbox, there was an update to the MapR Docker Container that corrects the initial issues you seem to have experienced.  It sounds like you may have corrected by running the cluster.bash script and pulling the updated MapR container.
The password for the MapR sandbox is mapr .  This should have been noted in the cookbook.
If you experience any further issues, please post to the forum


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