Installation of Talend Sandbox on Cloud

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Installation of Talend Sandbox on Cloud


I have been trying to install Talend sandbox on Microsoft Azure cloud platform. 


I configured a Windows 2016 server with 4 CPU and 25 GB RAM.

I have been able to download the sandbox ova file and mount it using Oracle virtualbox. Whenever I start it, it keeps crashing the host windows machine. Please note I have used default settings for the sandbox in Virtualbox (2 CPU, 8 GB RAM) , but still keeps crashing the host windows machine. I have tried this multiple times and it crashed on all the below stages


1. Initial sandbox setup and initialization

2. When talend tries to download the 'Required third party libraries'

3. When i finally try to open the Talend studio.


Is this a known problem? Is Talend Sandbox not supposed to be installed on a cloud VM? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Please note - i have tried this on google cloud Linux VM as well but was unable to start the sandbox as 3d acceleration was not enabled on the google cloud linux VM.


Any help is greatly appreciated as I have been struggling to get this setup for the last 2 weeks, but to no avail !.


Thank you.


Re: Installation of Talend Sandbox on Cloud


Could you please indicate which Talend Sandbox build version you are trying to install?

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Re: Installation of Talend Sandbox on Cloud



It was the latest version from your website 



But i gave up on the idea of installing on cloud as it kept crashing host machine. I got machine with enough CPU and memory to install the sandbox.


Thank you. 


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