Extract fields in tmap

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Extract fields in tmap

Hi All,


We have a requirement as below.


We have a file(a|b|c|d|e|f), which has 6 columns all are pipe("|") delimited, but when in 5th column, if we have a value "R", then 6 column is like "R(0.89:yes:voice:MEANING=YES)" and here I want to separate this field into 4 fields like first_column would be 0.89, second_column would be yes,third_column would be voice and fourth_column would be YES(not MEANING=YES). All I want to do in tmap component, like I have filtered the source data and fetched the 6th column as "0.89:yes:voice:MEANING=YES", but now I am stucking in further splitting these columns in tmap, Is there any function for this or I can assign these values in array and assign the values, but don't know how ?

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Re: Extract fields in tmap

Abhishek KUMAR
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Re: Extract fields in tmap

yes, no of fields are same but not length of every field.

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Re: Extract fields in tmap

1st use tFileInputdelimiter with field delimiter |


then in tJava



output_row.newColumn = input_row.newColumn;
output_row.newColumn1 = input_row.newColumn1;
output_row.newColumn2 = input_row.newColumn2;
output_row.newColumn3 = input_row.newColumn3;
output_row.newColumn4 = input_row.newColumn4;
output_row.newColumn6 = input_row.newColumn5.split(":|\\(|\\)").length > 1?
 input_row.newColumn5.split(":|\\(|\\)")[1] : input_row.newColumn5;
output_row.newColumn7 = input_row.newColumn5.split(":|\\(|\\)").length > 1?
 input_row.newColumn5.split(":|\\(|\\)")[2] : "";
output_row.newColumn8 = input_row.newColumn5.split(":|\\(|\\)").length > 1?
 input_row.newColumn5.split(":|\\(|\\)")[3] : "";
output_row.newColumn9 = input_row.newColumn5.split(":|\\(|\\)").length > 1?
 input_row.newColumn5.split(":|\\(|\\)")[4] : "";



Abhishek KUMAR
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Re: Extract fields in tmap

Thanks buddy, I am not pro in this kind of coding, can u elaborate this piece of code, it seems u r separating sixth column as this is having colon, pipe and open bracket, checking length>1 and assigning "" if condition doesn't satisfy but sixth column only has colon as delimiter for the four fields and I don't want null or anything, it should have that column only and also 4th column is full value, here again one more delimiter as "=" and I am only looking for the string after =, as in example it is YES only.
May be I am getting it wrong, if u can explain and let me know how to learn this.
I did this after using textractdelimitedfields component twice, first for ":" , got 4 columns from that, then the 4th column again got separated on "=", but want to do all in one component.
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Re: Extract fields in tmap

input_row.split(":") worked, don't know why it was not working earlier.
4 columns further separated like below in tmap.
first_row: input_row.split (":")[0];
Second_row: input_row.split (":")[1];
third_row: input_row.split (":")[2];
fourth_row: input_row.split (":")[3].split("=")[1];

But I want to learn how u did this or is there any way to do this in any other component less expensive than tmap?

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