Did not Receive Sandbox Virtual File

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Did not Receive Sandbox Virtual File

Hello - I am trying to setup my Big Data Sandbox, but my virtual file did not download from the site once I completed the registration.  I tried on both Chrome and Edge, but neither worked.  Can you please send me a link to download the file?  I am using VirtualBox for Windows.


Thanks in advance for your assistance - Brett


Re: Did not Receive Sandbox Virtual File

Upon registration completion, you should have received a small Download Manager file(.dlm).  Open this file to start the Download of the actual Virtual Machine file (.ova).  It should be in your Downloads directory or wherever you save downloaded files.  The Download Manager gives greater flexibility as to where the .ova file can be saved as well a allows user to pause the download and resume at a later time.

Four Stars

Re: Did not Receive Sandbox Virtual File

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I did not receive any file after I
registered including the download manager file.

Do you know where I can go from here? Unfortunately, my re-register
attempts have not worked either. I get a duplicate request page indicating
that I have already registered.

Thanks again!

Re: Did not Receive Sandbox Virtual File

The file you should have received is actually an executable file (.exe) and is rather small (less than 2k).  It should have a filename similar to this:



If you didn't receive the .exe file it could be because your browser security, firewall or virus scan application is preventing the download of an executable from an untrusted source.

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