Connect SQL Server to MapR-Talend Sandbox

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Connect SQL Server to MapR-Talend Sandbox

Hi all. I am new to Talend.

I have installed my MapR + Talend sandbox. Now I may want to try to connect my local MS SQL Server to the Talend in the sandbox. Unfortunately when I try to create the db connection, it showed error like this:




I downloaded the jdbc driver in my local windows and ubuntu. Can someone tell me how to install the driver and where should I put/intsall the jdbc driver in both windows and ubuntu?


Re: Connect SQL Server to MapR-Talend Sandbox


Can you successfully connect to your DB with your DB connection parameter through client without using talend tool?

Please take a look at this documents about:TalendHelpCenter:Installing external modules for linuxs and TalendHelpCenter:Installing external modules for windows

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