Cannot find demo jobs

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Cannot find demo jobs

I have just finished trying the first scenario "Retail Recommendation," and am trying to move on to the next scenario "Sport Stats."
So far I have no clue about where to find the scenario jobs for the latter three scenarios. 
I am running the Sandbox on Vmware on Windows 7, and imported Cloudera Hadoop dist. As far as I can see the Weavescope shows nothing wrong.
I would appreciate some hints for continuing on without starting all over from the beginning.

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Re: Cannot find demo jobs

Back to report the problem was solved, though leaving a question.
I found a zip file named "BigData_Cloudera", same as the project name in screenshots in the cookbook, in /home/talend/Downloads.
Somehow talend studio did not let me import the zip as a project, so I moved the unzipped folder to my workspace, created a new project named "BigData_Cloudera", and let the studio import the project contents.
I am not sure if this was the right way to go through the trial, since I found no instruction in the cookbook to look for the projects in the Downloads folder. 
I would like to know whether my setup was wrong, I missed some steps on the course, or the cookbook needs few more lines on studio setup.

Re: Cannot find demo jobs

Sorry if there was confusion, but it sounds like you were able to work your way through your problems.
When you selected the Cloudera Distribution, the Cloudera Project (the zip file that you found) should have been automatically imported into Studio through the Cloudera install process.  Once the Cloudera container was installed, your sandbox should have rebooted.  One thing that would prevent the project from importing is if you have Studio open during the install.  
Either way, it sounds like you were able to get back on track.  If you have any other issues, please don't hesitate to post on this forum.

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