Big Data Docker installation on CentOS7

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Big Data Docker installation on CentOS7

I want to download the docker on Centos7 Machine on VMware hypervisor and spin a VM with the Docket image. I unable to download the image using wget or any command line. 
Is it possible to download the image using command line option? The problem is that image is over 6 GB in size and to first download on Windows and then upload on the Hypervisor is a problem for me.
Also, any recommendation of using open studio instead of docker because we already have Hadoop cluster up and running on the cloud. 


Re: Big Data Docker installation on CentOS7

The Talend Sandbox requires an OS with a graphical interface.  So if your CentOS machine has a desktop installed, you can simply open a web browser (i.e. Firefox or Chrome) within the CentOS machine and navigate to the same pages on to download the sandbox.  In the dropdown of the download page, there is a selection for VMware on Linux.

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