Introducing Pipeline Designer


Introducing Pipeline Designer

I am very excited to introduce Pipeline Designer (formerly Talend Data Streams), a next generation data integration design environment included in Talend Cloud. 


Why rebrand to Pipeline Designer?  

First, I am sure that many of you have questions about Data Streams and why we chose to rebrand. As we released Data Streams, it became clear that Data Streams was perceived as a data integration application that only worked with streaming data; however, nothing is farther from the truth.  


Although our new architecture allows us to process streaming data better than ever before, it also allows us to address batch use cases as well. Because we wanted the name of our design environment to reflect the breadth of its capabilities, we chose to rename Data Streams to Pipeline Designer. If you were a fan of Data Streams, don’t worry—the same features are still available in Pipeline Designer.   


 What does Pipeline Designer do?  

With Pipeline Designer, you are able to build pipelines to collect and integrate both batch and streaming data in an intuitive user interfaceOur live preview feature allows you to see how your data changes in real-time at every step of your design process in the same design canvas where you are building your pipeline. In addition, due to the rise of popularity of Python, Pipeline Designer also has a built-in component allowing you to extend integrations with your own Python code. Last, Pipeline Designer’s remote engines and run profiles provide both portability and scalability.  You can execute your pipelines in remote engines that can be hosted on-premises, in a virtual private cloud, or in your public cloud environment, and you can scale your data volumes by running pipelines on EMR (with more big data platforms to come) 


How to Access Pipeline Designer 

There is no download required to build your data pipelines—the entire interface is web-based, and the product is hosted in the cloudIf you are a current Talend Cloud customer, ask your administrator to activate Pipeline Designer (it comes free with all Talend Cloud developer licenses!). If you aren’t a Talend Cloud customer, please try the Pipeline Designer in our 14-day 


Because Pipeline Designer is a new product, we are very interested in any feedback that you have so we can make the product better. If you have any questions, run into any issues, or if you have any feedback to give, please leave a reply on this post! 



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Re: Introducing Pipeline Designer

Dear syanaga,


 Thanks for clarification. 

I can't make transformation on data streams by Talend Data fabric 7.2 

I need to join between kafka streams! it's not possible by talend data fabric ? 

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Re: Introducing Pipeline Designer

Talend’s new web-based graphical designer dramatically simplifies the creation of end-to-end data pipelines, giving customers the ability to preview live data and transform it with ease.


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