tSAPBapi JCO communication error

Talend Version Talend 6.3.1


Extracting data from SAP using the tSAPBapi component results in the following error:
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Product Talend ESB
Component tSAPBapi
Problem Description tSAPBapi JCO communication error
Problem root cause

SAP provides default configurations. These configurations vary from one system to other. 


jco.destination.pool_capacity: The Maximum number of idle connections kept open by the destination. By default, the value is set to 200. A value of 0 sets no connection pooling, which means there are no idle connections.


jco.destination.peak_limit: The Maximum number of active connections that can be created for a destination simultaneously. By default, the value is set to 50. Change the value so the parallel active connections count is increased for better performance.


Based on the performance issues, these configurations should be tuned.

Solution or Workaround

Select your Studio Metadata connection, open your SAP connection, then select Advanced Properties, and set the following:

  • jco.destination.pool_capacity to 0
  • jco.destination.peak_limit to 80

Note: tSAPConnection component > Basic Settings > SAP Properties should reflect the same properties as above. Run the Job, and monitor the SAP system with transaction code SMGW for active connections being opened and closed.


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