tRestClient: SSL issue - Received fatal alert: internal_error

Talend Version (Required)       6.2.1


Calling a secure RESTful web service fails with Received fatal alert: internal_error.
Additional Versions 6.3.1
Product (Required) ESB
Component (Required) Runtime
Problem Description

You get the following error when invoking a public ResftFul web service using HTTPS:

Caused by: Received fatal alert: internal_error
Problem root cause

Bug in the JDK:

Solution or Workaround


Upgrade to Talend version 6.4.1.



Alternatively, this would work if deployed in Runtime by editing etc/org.apache.cxf.http.conduits-*.cfg to remove tlsClientParameters.disableCNCheck (if it's specified) and replace it with tlsClientParameters.useHttpsURLConnectionDefaultHostnameVerifier = true. Also comment out all of the lines starting with tlsClientParameters.trustManagers if the server CA certificate is already in the JVM's own truststore.

JIRA ticket number TESB-18565
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