tFileInputMail issue with attachment filename containing non-ASCII chars

Talend Version          6.3.1


FileNotFoundException from tFileInputMail when handling mails with attachments.
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Product Talend Data Integration
Component Studio
Problem Description

The following FileNotFoundException is thrown from tFileInputMail when the mail file contains attachments whose filename contains non-ASCII characters: C:\Temp\mails\AttachmentsHere\test1_=?UTF-8?Q?M=C3=A4rz=20?=.xlsx (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)
Problem root cause The MIME spec requires that encoded words start at the beginning of a whitespace separated word. Some mailers incorrectly include encoded words in the middle of a word. (For more information, see, javax.mail.internet package).
Solution or Workaround

Run the Job with the following java property, added using Run tab > Advanced settings > Use specific JVM arguments > New:


Or you can add a tJava component with the following code line:

System.setProperty("mail.mime.decodetext.strict", "false");

Link it to the OnSubjobOK trigger of the tFileInputMail component.

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