cSplitter with XPath is not working/splitting as expected

Problem Description

cSplitter with XPath language is not splitting as expected when consuming the correct XML input with the correct XPath expression.


In this case, the input XML looks like this:

<elmt1 xmlns="http://xyz.company.com">

The XPath expression is:



Root Cause

The input XML has namespace definitions.



Configure the cSplitter to Add Namespaces declarations by performing the following steps:

  1. Select the Add Namespaces check box.

  2. Click the plus (+) sign to add Namespaces.

    1. Enter the name of your namespace in the Prefix column, (you can choose any name, it doesn't have to match the one in the input XML), for example, "v".

    2. Enter the URL for your namespace in the URL column, for example, "http://xyz.company.com".

  3. Then change the XPath Expression to include the namespace Prefix you added above. In this example, the expression becomes, "/v:elmt1/v:msg".


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