While accessing a file from Sharepoint, the tHttpRequest component fails with the error: "Request failed:403 Forbidden"


A Job is designed with a tHttpRequest component to download a file available in Sharepoint. The Job fails at the tHttpRequest with the following error:

Exception in component tHttpRequest_1 (Jb_Tsharepoint)
java.lang.RuntimeException: Request failed:403 Forbidden
at dev_ascensia_crm.jb_tsharepoint_0_1.Jb_Tsharepoint.tHttpRequest_1Process(Jb_Tsharepoint.java:696)
at dev_ascensia_crm.jb_tsharepoint_0_1.Jb_Tsharepoint.runJobInTOS(Jb_Tsharepoint.java:1085)
t dev_ascensia_crm.jb_tsharepoint_0_1.Jb_Tsharepoint.main(Jb_Tsharepoint.java:911)
[FATAL]: dev_ascensia_crm.jb_tsharepoint_0_1.Jb_Tsharepoint - tHttpRequest_1 Request failed:403 Forbidden



The 403 FORBIDDEN error is expected, as the resource (file) is not shared in Sharepoint. To use the tHttpRequest component, the file must be shared.



The resource URL to be provided for the tHttpRequest component can be created by sharing the file from the Sharepoint website following the steps given in the following image:


The shared URL can be copied to the component to make the Job run successfully.

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