Where are the tHashInput and tHashOutput components?

Talend Version          6.1.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4


Can't find the tHashInput and tHashOutput components in Studio's Palette.
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Problem Description tHashInput and tHashOutput components (and some other components) are not listed in Studio's Palette.
Problem root cause By default, the technical components tHashInput and tHashOutput (and some other components) are not visible in the Palette. This is expected and it is a design behavior as described in the Talend Studio Component Reference Guide, Technical Components section.
Solution or Workaround

Here is how you can add them to the palette:

  1. From the Studio File menu, select Edit Project properties.
  2. Expand Designer, then click Palette Settings.
  3. Expand Technical then select both of the components in question.
  4. Click the arrow icon rtaImage11.png, then click OK.

    For more information, see Where can I find the tHashInput/tHashOutput components?.

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why are these components hidden by default?