When deploying a Big Data Streaming Job into JobServer the Job JAR libraries are not cached

Problem Description

When deploying a TAC, 6.5.1, Big Data Streaming Job using the Big Data Streaming Conductor, the JobServer cache directory does not contain the JAR library files used by the Job. However, all the JARs used by the Job are in the JobServer repository directory. 


Consequently, deploying a large number of Big Data Streaming Jobs uses a lot of disk space on the JobServer platform because those Jobs don’t use the cache directory to store the common JARs used by the Jobs.


The expected behavior is that the job deployed into JobServer is using the cache directory to store the Job' s used libraries.


Note: When deploying the Job from Studio to a remote server the cache is used as expected.


Root Cause

This is a known bug.



This issue is fixed in Talend 7.1.1.


Against Talend 6.5.1, the solution consists of applying Patch_20180516_TPS-2491_v1-6.5.1.zip.

  1. Contact Talend Support to request patch Patch_20180516_TPS-2491_v1-6.5.1.zip.

  2. Use the patch Readme file steps (embedded in the patch zip file) to apply the patch.

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