What to check when Studio is unable to open


You may be trying to open Studio and it fails to open, even before you get to the Manage Connections screen where you can select your projects, either remote or local.



There are a number of reasons that your Studio instance may not load up. Some of the reasons may include:



Workspace Corruption

One of the most common issues you may face is workspace corruption, which can happen when the code inside of your Jobs is not correct or has compiled wrong. This can have an impact with Studio, as Studio will not be able to load the workspace due to the code inside of your workspace being corrupted.


When you come across these issues, one of the first things you can do is to go to your Studio folder and rename the workspace folder. Since you have a workspace folder already, it will create a new folder for you. If you are using Git or SVN, TAC will pull the latest remote copy of your projects and jobs to the Studio instance and workspace, allowing you to open your projects and resume work.


Studio folder view 631.PNG



If you encounter a Java issue, many times it may be due to a system change to Java or a Java update/re-install. Double-check your JDK_HOME and PATH variables to make sure that they are correct and have not been changed. You can also check your Studio .ini file to make sure that the required version is set, as shown below:

Studio ini file view.PNG

Java path set.PNG

Enviromental variables.PNG


Components Corruption

If you discover that some of your components are not loading correctly, or you have re-created your workspace and are still have issues, you can clear out the contents of the temp and osgi folders. Locate those folders in the studio/temp and studio/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi, delete the contents of both folders, then restart your Studio instance.




osgi view.PNG


Permission Issues

If you suspect that the permissions for some of your Studio folders may be different than what they should be, or if you want to check them, you can check the folders inside of the Studio folder. Any authorized user in Windows should have at least Read, Write, Execute, and Modify for the main Studio folder and all subfolders and files inside. For Linux users, make sure that the folder permissions are set to 755 for those system users and groups that should access Studio.

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