What are the additional JAR files required to configure Spark2.x with mapr 5.2 in Talend?


When configuring Spark2.x with mapr 5.2 in Talend, what additional JAR files are required?



In addition to the Spark JAR files copied from mapr cluster to the Talend machine, you need the following JAR files:

  1. spark-sql_2.10-1.0.0.jar

  2. hadoop-mapred-0.21.0.jar



  1. Spark 2.x of mapr is not supported with Talend 6.4.1.

  2. To use Spark 2.x in Talend 6.4.1, you can use custom Spark configuration in local mode for Spark 2.x.

For more information, see How to Use Spark 2.0 with Studio 6.3

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