Uploading a patch in the local Nexus


This article explains how to upload a patch to the local Nexus repository.



Upload the patch .zip file and .pom files into the local Nexus repository

  1. Start the local Nexus with the command nexus.bat console:



  2. Open the local Nexus URL http://localhost:8081/nexus with the account credentials talend-updates-admin / talend-updates-admin.



  3. Click Repositories in the left panel, then single- or double-click the talend-updates repository.



  4. In the bottom pane, click the Artifact Upload tab, and upload.

  5. First, configure the Select GAV Definition Source section:

    1. GAV definition: choose From POM.
    2. Click Select POM to Upload and ensure the correct file name appears in the POM Filename field.



  6. Next, configure the Select Artifact(s) for Upload section:

    1. Click Select Artifact(s) to Upload, then browse to the patch .zip file you just downloaded from the remote Nexus onto your disk.
    2. Leave the Classifier field empty.
    3. The Extension field automatically displays zip.



  7. Click Add Artifact; the patch will be listed under the Artifacts field.



  8. Click Upload Artifact(s), and the patch will upload into the local Nexus successfully.



  9. To confirm the patch was uploaded, click the Browse Index tab.



Start (or restart) Studio to install the patch automatically

  1. Before starting or restarting Studio, always make sure the software update parameters are configured properly.



  2. When you start or restart Studio, it communicates with TAC and the local Nexus to detect, download, and install the patch automatically, just as in the standard 601 patch installation process.



  3. Click Update to install the patch on the Studio side.

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One reason you might want to use this procedure is if your Nexus server is not connected to the internet, so it will not automatically download patches from the Talend Update Server (also a Nexus server).