Unable to retrieve schema if clicked multiple times


When attempting to set up a metadata connection in Studio, some of the buttons to move forward may not work. The functionality to expand the schema and select tables to save in metadata will work, however, the Setup window will lock up after clicking "Retrieve Schema" multiple times. The Next and Finish buttons will suddenly grey out, and the process to finish the connection will be stalled.


Retrieve-schema Hive issue.jpg



The issue is with the GUI itself. There seems to be an issue with the GUI seeing the retrieved schemas, so it hangs due to its assumption that the schemas are still being retrieved.



There is a workaround to avoid this issue that may arise when setting up the metadata schema. Click once, and let the box sit without pressing anything else. After a certain point, the GUI should catch up to the schema. This may take a few moments, but eventually the Next and Finish buttons should appear, and you can continue using the Metadata Wizard.



If the workaround is not usable or feasable for any reason, there is a patch available for 6.3.1 (Patch_20171102_TPS-2227_v1-6.3.1.zip). To obtain this patch, or if a different version of Talend is being used, please reach out to Talend Support for additional information and assistance.


Original Bug Report: TUP-18049

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