Unable to pull datasets using Snowflake

Problem Description

In Pipeline Designer, you can use Snowflake to pull data for sorting and analysis. When connecting to Pipeline Designer using the standard JDBC string, the connection is successful. However, when attempting to add a dataset, results in the following error message:

Impossible to fetch the sample. fetchId : <Fetch ID> : net.snowflake.client.jdbc.SnowflakeSQLException: SQL compilation error


Root Cause

Snowflake needs the active warehouse in the connection string. While you don't need this to check the connection, any data operation that Pipeline Designer performs requires the active warehouse.



Change the value of the JDBC string to the following:

jdbc:snowflake://Account Name.snowflakecomputing.com/?db=<name of database>&schema=<name of schema>&warehouse=<name of warehouse>

Note: If you are experiencing a JDBC string error when using View, ensure that the user has the correct roles in Snowflake to access View. For more information on View, see View Privileges on the Snowflake documentation page.

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