The command 'initRemote' is not called by TAC when trying to generate the Job in a TAC HA cluster


After setting up a TAC HA cluster, you configured two command line instances on the TAC web UI as Primary and Secondary command lines. You are able to generate the Job by logging in to TAC1, but it fails when trying to generate the Job from TAC2 using commandline2. In TAC > commandline, the first command to connect to TAC, initRemote, is not fired.





One of the solutions to this issue is shown below.

  1. Stop TAC1 and TAC2.
  2. In the file TAC_home/webapps/org.talend.administrator/WEB-INF/classes/, uncomment the following parameter and specify the TAC URL (do this for both TAC1 and TAC2 with the respective TAC URLs):
  3. Restart TAC1 and TAC2.
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