The Mode indicator returns only one frequent value when several are present


The Mode indicator computes and returns one random probable value, even if several equally-frequent values exist in the database.



Talend Open Studio for Data Quality and all platform Studios that have the Profiling perspective.



In a column analysis, the Mode indicator usually computes and returns the most probable value in a data set. However, if there are several values that occur the same number of times in the database, this indicator returns only one of these values each time the column analysis is executed.


The result provided by the Mode indicator may be random and different with each execution of the analysis, depending on the database. This is because only the first of the equally-frequent values is taken into account, and this first value may be returned randomly by the database from the list of all most probable values.



To retrieve all of the most probable values in the data set, use the Table Frequency indicator instead of the Mode indicator in the column analysis.

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