The MetaServlet action "setLicenseKey" fails to parse parameters' values correctly


MetaServlet is a REST webservice that allows you to administer the Talend Administration Center programmatically. When using the MetaServlet command, setLicenseKey, it might fail to parse correctly, and the error points to the JSON value that contains the path to the license key file.



The command setLicenseKey has been available since version 5.2.



To get details regarding one specific action, you can use the --help command for each action in a cmd window (for Windows).

For example:

> MetaservletCaller.bat --tac-url=http:/ /IP_address:port/WebApplicationName --help setLicenseKey

will provide you the following details:

  Command: setLicenseKey
Description             : Set a new license for Talend Administrator Center
Requires authentication : true
Since                   : 5.2
Sample                  : 
  "actionName": "setLicenseKey",
  "authPass": "admin",
  "authUser": "",
  "licenseKeyPath": "c:/temp/TDQ_EE.license"
Specific error codes    : 
       110: license is not file or not exist
       111: license file operation failed

Generic return codes: 
       0: Success
       1: Unknown error
       2: Invalid request
       3: Authentication error
       4: License problem
       5: Invalid parameter
       6: Error formatting response


If you use the example values you might get an error, but if you add " ' " around the path value, it will work as expected:


Bookshelf references

Refer to the Talend Administration Console guide for more information on MetaServlet:

Non-GUI operation in MetaServlet.

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