Talend Studio on macOS will not open a remote project, clicking Finish in the Project selection window does nothing.

Talend Version (Required)       6.3.1


Talend Studio on macOS seemingly will not connect to a remote project, will not open, and will appear to be stuck.
Additional Versions 6.2.1
Product (Required) Talend Data Fabric
Component (Required) Installer
Problem Description Attempting to connect to a remote project on Talend Studio running on macOS, the project selection page pops up normally with no problems. You can manage connections, check the connection, and even switch to local. Everything works as intended, except when you attempt to connect to a remote project; no popup or message appears. Clicking Finish after you've selected the project will result in no action from Talend Studio.
Problem root cause There is an installer bug: TINSTL-890. Relevant bug: TUP-17266. The problem is with the Talend Automatic Installer 6.3.1 (it might affect 6.2.1 as well) for macOS. The installer includes a customized Talend-Studio-macosx-cocoa.app that is ONLY for a specific build of the installer.
Solution or Workaround

You need to use a standard installer, not the customized one.

  1. Download the manual install of Talend Studio and unpack with Keka (http://www.kekaosx.com/en/) or p7zip (http://www.7-zip.org/download.html).
  2. Take the Talend-Studio-macosx-cocoa.app and replace it with the one from the automatic installer.
  3. Edit the Talend-Studio-macosx-cocoa.ini file, add the -vm argument, and point it towards a valid JRE 1.8. For example:

    -vm /Applications/TalendStudio-6.3.1/jre1.8.0_91.jre/Contents/Home/bin/java

    Note: If you already have your Java paths set, the -vm step might not be necessary.

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I had this problem with Windows Studio but root cause was a faulty/invalid TAC Project SVN Url.


Errors showed up in the [workspace]/.log file.


Either the SVN repo was moved, or the SVN Url in TAC was changed and made invalid.


To fix, I fixed the Url in TAC so that it was valid, and restarted Studio.