Talend Studio is unable to connect to Administrator over HTTPS


After an upgrade on 5.4.1, your are having some problems setting up an https remote connection on your instance of Talend Administrator. It appears you are unable to connect over https.


Version 5.4.1


  • When you check the URL of your administrator instance it brings up an "Unable to access url: https://xxxxxxxxxx/org.talend.administrator" error message and you are unable to complete the remote connection setup.
  • The firewalls are setup correctly and are letting through the necessary requests.
  • You do not have any problem successfully importing the license from https://xxxxxxxxxx/org.talend.administrator through the studio.
  • All your previous versions have always been able to connect without problem.


To work around this problem, add these parameters in your Studio .ini file:

-Dtac.net.ssl.KeyStore=C:\apache-tomcat-6.0.36-SSL\keystore\monCertificatHTTPS (path to the key)
-Dtac.net.ssl.KeyStorePass=xxxxxxxx (keystore password)


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