Talend Studio is stuck in the Initialize Project Connection window

Problem Description

While trying to open Studio in Remote connection mode, it gets stuck in the Initialize Project Connection window. Checking the connection from the Manage Connection is successful. Studio logs show the following exception:

java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution is killed
 at org.talend.repository.ui.dialog.OverTimePopupDialogTask$2$2.run(OverTimePopupDialogTask.java:179)
 at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$ModalContextThread.run(ModalContext.java:122)


Root Cause

The project is not accessible in TAC.



Assuming the Git user credentials and project URL are correct; to resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to TAC > Configuration > Git/SVN, and ensure the project is set up correctly.
  2. Then navigate to TAC > Projects, and select the project you are trying to access.
  3. On the right, click Advanced settings and verify that the connection was successful.

If any of the previous steps fail, fix the connection between TAC and Git.


Other possible causes for a connection failure between TAC and Git:

  1. Git is SSL enabled, and there are no certificates imported in TAC server. To resolve this issue, see the Cannot create a GIT/SVN project in TAC article in the Talend Community Knowledge Base (KB).

  2. Git fails on the TAC Configuration page although the user credentials are correct, and you can access the Git project in the machine outside TAC; then it might be due to permission/ownership issues in the TAC installation directory. To resolve this issue, see the All the parameters in TAC under the Configuration page are showing a 'TimeOut occurs when retrievin... article in the Talend Community Knowledge Base (KB).

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