Talend Administration Center (TAC) and setting up the DB to use Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)

Talend Version       6.3.1


Talend Administration Center (TAC) and setting up the DB to use Oracle RAC
Additional Versions Probably applies to 6.4.1 and maybe 6.2.1
Product Talend Administration Center
Component Database
Problem Description Attempting to set up an Oracle RAC database for TAC is not working. TAC doesn't recognize it.
Problem root cause TAC supports setting up Oracle RAC for its database use, but you can't do it during the installation process for Talend. You must first select the H2 database (or anything else) and complete that installation process first. Or you can point it to one of the RAC nodes first.
Solution or Workaround
  1. Complete your standard Talend installation with TAC and then go to the TAC login page and click DB configuration.
  2. Make sure you have the correct JDBC driver for your Oracle RAC installed for TAC/Tomcat (in the /endorsed/ or /lib/ folder).

    Note: For Apache Tomcat 8.0, put the JDBC drivers in the <apache-tomcat>/endorsed path. For Apache Tomcat 8.5, put the JDBC drivers in the <apache-tomcat>/lib path. For more information, see Installing database drivers in your Web application server, on the Talend Help Center.

  3. On the DB config page, select an Oracle Database.
  4. Use one the following connection strings.

    This string should work most of the time:


    If necessary, use this more complex string:

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