TAC shuts down when MetaServlet is used to delete tasks

Talend Version 6.2.1


TAC shuts down when MetaServlet is used to delete tasks.
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Product Talend Data Integration
Component TAC
Problem Description

You can use MetaServlet API calls to perform many operations using REST API calls like the ones users perform from the TAC UI. This includes the option to delete tasks under Job Conductor. For more information about the deleteTask command, see the Talend Administration Center MetaServlet API on the Talend Help Center and scroll down to the deleteTask section.


Sending API calls one after another causes TAC to shut down.

The following error was captured in the logs:

2017-07-27 14:08:27 WARN RepoCheckoutHelper - Timeout when waiting unlocked SVN path '/DBA/nest/tomcat/ASTPCENETL01/temp/tac621_git/cdc_p/master': 
at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method) 
at java.lang.Object.wait(Object.java:502) 
at org.talend.commons.utils.threading.Locker.waitForLock(Locker.java:730)
Problem root cause A lock on a file is causing other resources to wait, resulting in a timeout.
Solution or Workaround
  1. Shut down TAC.

  2. Clear the following directories:

    • TOMCAT_HOME/temp
    • TOMCAT_HOME/conf/Catalina
    • TOMCAT_HOME/work/Catalina
  3. Restart TAC.
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