TAC error 'Connection to Generator Failed (CommandLine)'

Problem Description

Attempting to generate or deploy a new Job in TAC results in the following error:

Connection to Generator Failed (CommandLine)


Root Cause

This error can occur for various reasons; common possibilities are:

  • Files in the commandline-workspace directory are not accessible to the CommandLine service. This can occur if the CommandLine is started under different OS user accounts, like root.
  • A corrupted version of a project, Job, or dependencies is in the commandline-workspace directory, preventing the CommandLine from generating the Job.
  • The CommandLine was not started, or is not running properly.

See the CommandLine log (Cmdline_Install_Dir/studio/commandline-workspace/.metadata/.log) for details.



Delete the commandline-workspace directory, and restart the CommandLine service.

  1. Stop the CommandLine by running stop_cmdline.sh or stop_cmdline.bat, for example:


    sudo service talend-cmdline-6.4.1 stop
  2. Delete the commandline-workspace directory, for example:
    rm -rf TALEND_HOME/cmdline/studio/commandline-workspace
  3. Then restart your CommandLine service, for example:


    sudo service talend-cmdline-6.4.1 start
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