TAC Database configuration - Driver not found


When setting up TAC for the first time, or changing the TAC database, you may see the error Driver not found (see installation guide for more information).





You are either missing the needed driver, or may have the incorrect driver.



This example will be for MSSQL Server 2008.

  1. Download jtds-1.3.1-dist.zip from https://sourceforge.net/projects/jtds/files/jtds/1.3.1/ and unzip it.

  2. Navigate to the TAC/apache-tomcat/ folder.

  3. Create an endorsed folder if it does not already exist.

  4. Copy the jtds.1.3.1.jar file into the endorsed folder and restart TAC.



For MySQL, download the jar from here: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/j/ and follow the steps above. You should follow these steps for any type of SQL database.


Official documentation for further steps, if needed: https://help.talend.com/reader/vuI_X~V6unFjTgNxRMPcLw/t0Dmfkg4yVYRj19mBr5n1Q

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